Drone Station Pro ™

Designed by Cusco.Net Laboratories, the Drone Station Pro is the gadget designed for the professional drone pilot who has to operate RPAs, over many hours a week with high accuracy, and is tired to hold the remote control and screen hanging from the neck, forcing the neck and back to a potentially harmful position. The DSPro can be docked to any photographer's tripod by an universal screw, so you can place your drone system in a fixed Home position or release it very fast from the tripod if the manuver requires. DSPro is 3D printed, one by one, using the most universal 3D printer, the ANET A8, in PLA Plastic made from corn, making it enviromental friendly.

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Not just one, but many pros, when using the DSPro

  • Ergonomic position during operation
  • Attach 3D printed parts according to your needs
  • Fixed location on a photographer's tripod
  • Operate your drone seated or standing
  • Free yourself from the Remote Control when desired

Remote control and tablet NOT INCLUDED

Drone Station Pro, when using the DSPro
Sebastian Segovia - Media producer

Sebastian Segovia - Media producer

The DSPro helped me see the entire filming process when drone was on the air. The pilot placed the Ipad screen right in front our eyes and i was able to instruct him the final manuevers and video takes. It was just awesome!

Paolo Diaz - Mavic and race drone pilot

Paolo Diaz - Mavic and race drone pilot

With the adaptor for Mavic Remote Control, i can connect my RC to the screen and operate my mavic or my race drones while seated. It's extremely comfortable.

Renato Tapia - Drone mine provider

Renato Tapia - Drone mine provider

We must fly fue to inspection works over the mine every single week. The DSPro helped me operate the drone in comfortable position and dock my cellphone right in front my eyes, under the Ipad, so i can coordinate with the technicians talking over the phone.